A warm welcome!

Töllås Fårgård (Sheep Farm of Töllås) is located on the northern tip of the island Orust.

As the persons running this gem between forests and sea we are looking forward to your visit. “We”, that is Barbara and Morgan Baumann, together with our three children, Johan, Daniel and Sandra. 

On our farm you find a shop where you can buy our delicious lamb. The meat from our livestock, returned to us without delay from Varekil’s butchery here on the island, is carved and portioned by ourselves here on the premises. The exquisite taste of our lamb products, for which we are known far beyond Orust, is owed to the special pasture our animals enjoy. Our sheep, bred and fed by ourselves, know nothing but fresh grass from summer meadows and dry straw in our sheepfold during the winter cold. Concentrated feedingstuffs we dismiss completely.

Our shop we also sell our own jam, jellies and chutneys, lamb sausages and sheepskins. And during the growing season you also find fresh vegetables from our picturesque kitchen-garden in the sales-mix.

Starting autumn 2012 you will find also fallow deer and moufflon from our own corrals in our farm shop’s supplies.

Sure, also you will like Töllås Fårgård! In 2009 we won the photo contest “Sweden’s most beautiful sheepfold”.  And in 2010 the farm was awarded the Diploma of the “Västra Gastromiska Akademi”. And also the Gold-Clover price from the Centre party.

We are proud having been amongst the nominees for the title award: “Orust’s enterprise of 2012”.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you here with us on Töllås Fårgård!




Price 225 SEK for parking and electricity per 1 day and night

Price 175 SEK parking without electricity per 1 day and night

Questions? Please come to the farm-shop (open daily 12.00-18.00) and ask for Barbara.

Other times: Please call +46 (0)733-78 82 95

Foto: Matthias Reese

Foto: Linnea Maria Eriksson