Summer Café

In our Summer Café you find a seat under the big ash tree in our kitchen garden or along the sun-heated wall of the farm-coffeehouse. There you can contemplatively savour the farm scene over a cup of coffee or tea with cake freshly baked on the farm.

In the unlikely event that weather is not so good or for those who anyway prefer sitting inside, there are sheltered seats in our freshly renovated and re-decorated “hen house”. Right next to those retreats you will see the first few of our sheep grazing.

More action needed after coffee and cake, children and grown-ups may find it’s about time to more closely explore the farm on a round-tour. There’s a lot to discover.

The rabbits Zipp-Zappp and Stampe are enjoying some company and a few caressing strokes. Why not also meet the ducks, our specialists in snail-hunting?

Also the farm shop is open on Töllås Fårgård, and there you will find a variety of products from our own farm-production, such as jams, jellies, smoked meat, our lamb sausages, to name but a few.

The Café is closed for the season, and will open again to Eastern 2024

The farm shop is open



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